Privacy policy

Collection of information

All information gathered on the website voluntarily entrusted to us by the end users of site This information can be user personal information such as name, address or other contact information. These data will be used exclusively for communication Us and our end-users, and without a license will not be forwarded or disclosed to any third party.

Other data on the basis of which it is not possible to reach the end-user may be used for market research commissioned by our partners. These are data on gender, age, education, and users alike. These data are provided solely as a cumulative view, and not individually or uniquely associated with the end user.

A third party

The site can be used links or display content from other Internet sites operated by third parties. The decision to use these links brings the user. That decision can lead users to the site site, allowing the user left the site and thus cease to apply rules and conditions described in this document.

These terms and conditions apply exclusively to the site that are available on the Internet at and all the addresses that follow from these addresses.

Tracking technology

Web site may use cookies or other tracking technology included in a user's Web browser to enhance and improve the services and user satisfaction with services. Service monitoring allows us to continuously adapt the site Internet browser types, operating systems, and the frequency of visits to the end user.

Data collected tracking technology can be used to communicate with a third party.

Personal information can not be collected by this technology, except for information that is explicitly provided by the end user.

These rules only apply for the period end-user interaction during the visit Internet site, and can not include monitoring for the absence of users with the site.

Data sharing

There is the ability to share your personal data with government agencies and institutions authorized by the Croatian anti-fraud or a jurisdiction over criminal investigations or if the data were requested from us by a valid court order.

Your personal data will not ever share or disclose to any third party for marketing purposes or any other action which is not associated with protection from fraud, criminal investigation or court order.

Our commitment to data protection

We use reasonable efforts which are in our power to safeguard the security of personal information entrusted to us voluntarily end users. This means that access to such data are only authorized employees of Publiconn and agents and contractors (who have been with us signed a confidentiality agreement). You invest additional efforts to ensure the security and integrity of data entrusted.

The right to alter this document

We reserve the right to alter the contents of this document without prior notice or permission. Any alteration of the document will be accompanied by the date when the change was made.

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